Track your stats

Do more than just play. Advanced stats let you track your progress as you climb through the ranks.

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Play with your friends

Whether you create your own team or exclusively play Ranked games, your friends will be there with you. Your call.

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Top the leaderboards

Every season includes a monetary prize pool that you can win! Defeat others and rank the highest!

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Host your own matches

With Bolt PUGs you can host your own matches with friends without the headaches of having to host a server and managing it. Create your own lobby, invite some friends, and start playing!

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How to play?

Join our Discord server

You may do that by clicking this link or clicking the following Discord button.

Join our Minecraft server

You may do that by joining


Get a registration code

Go to the lobby server by running /hub, and then run /register You will get a 6-character token.


Complete registration

Go to the #register channel in our Discord server and run /register <token>.


Simply join a Queue voice channel and start playing!